Reimbursement Procedure


Kindly note the following documents are to be submitted:

  1.  Claim Form properly filled in and signed by the claimant. Claim form is available at any of the DHS branches and also can be downloaded (see Download Forms)
  2. Original Discharge Card / Summary from the hospital /nursing home.
  3. Doctor's consultation reports/history.
  4. Hospitalization and other medical Bills, Receipts in original.
  5. Cash Memos from hospital/ pharmacies supported by proper prescription.
  6. Diagnostic test reports supported by a note from the attending medical practitioner / surgeon justifying such diagnostics. Surgeon's certificate stating the nature of the operation performed and surgeon's bill and receipt.
  7. Attending doctors / consultants / specialists / anesthetist's bill and receipt, and certificate regarding diagnosis.
  8. Certificate from the attending medical practitioner / surgeon that the patient is fully cured.